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Student Contract (PLEASE READ AND SIGN)

By signing and dating the boxes below, you agree to the following:

If a tutor is provided for me, I agree to the following terms and conditions of the Student Success Center:

1. I will respond to Academics Plus, Inc. staff when contacted after submitting this request.
2. I will attend class; I realize that tutoring is not a substitute for class attendance.
3. I will strive to be prepared for all my tutoring sessions.
4. I will strive to be motivated to learn and not expect the tutor to do the work for me.
5. I will strive to give the tutor my full attention.
6. I will ask for clarification when I do not understand something.
7. I will show respect for the tutor and expect the same in return.
8. I expect a tutor who is able to assist me in understanding the material. If I have any concerns, I will bring them to the attention of the Academics Plus, Inc. staff immediatley.
9. If I am unable to attend a session, I will notify Academics Plus, Inc. staff with at least 24 hours. Less than 24 hour notice is equivalent to a missed session.
10.I understand that if I miss three tutoring sessions, my tutoring privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the semester. I also understand that if I am more than 15 minutes late for a tutoring session, it is the equivalent of missing a session.
11. If, during the course of the semester, I decide to drop or withdraw from the class in which I am being tutored, I will notify both my tutor and the Tutor Coordinator. Also, if for any reason I decide to stop using tutoring services, I will notify both my tutor and the Student Success Center Assistant.
12. I understand that if I am inactive for one month, my serices may be placed on inactive status. I also understand that I can regain access to tutoring by contacting Academics Plus, Inc. by phone or email.
13. I will complete a new tutoring request for each course and/or subject.
14.I agree not to abuse tutoring privileges and will follow protocols.

I understand that this is only a request, and that the Student Academic Services Assistant will notify me as to whether or not I qualify for tutoring. Moreover, everything I have written is truthful and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Disclaimer: The Academics Plus®, Inc. online tutoring program does not guarantee college or course success for any student. The purpose of the Academics Plus®, Inc. tutoring program is to provide students with remedial and/or individualized assistance for college coursework. Tutors are intended to guide and assist the student with coursework. Tutors are prohibited from simply giving answers or completing any coursework for the student. It is imperative that the student plan accordingly and prepare for sessions in advance.

Students maintain sole responsibility for course performance, including any grades received. Tutoring does not take the place of class attendance or participation. Tutoring sessions are scheduled on an individual basis between tutors and students and are not intended to be used as a last-minute intervention. It is the student’s responsibility to attend tutoring as scheduled and the student understands that regular attendance may provide better results. The student also agrees that he/she will not allow anyone to attend tutoring in their place and confirms that no other party will falsely represent themselves as the student for online tutoring purposes.

- I, the student, agree to the terms outlined in the disclaimer above and agree to participation in the Academics Plus, Inc. online tutoring program.
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